In it´s actual program "Asian Drum Beatz" the World Rhythm Projects uses more than thirty exotic, partially unknown percussion instruments from asian and african countries like India, Bali, Java, Japan, Uganda and Central Africa.
Here are some examples:

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tavil, south india, mp3

kendang, java

kendang, bali, mp3

ghatam, south india, mp3

mridangam, south india, mp3

kanjira, south india


amadinda, central africa, mp3
built by András Varsányi

kempli, bali

duggis. india, mp3

kantilan, bali, mp3

entenga drums, uganda, mp3

kulkul, bali, mp3


okedo daikos, japan, mp3
built by Sascha Gotowtschikow

tombak, iran

  © 2006 by Sascha Gotowtschikow