Here are some pictures from recent concerts:
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    2003 with Udai Mazumdar and A. Kunchithapatham                    
    The World Rhythm Project performing at the asian festival "Under the Monsoon" at Muffathalle, Munich, 2005
with A. Kunchithapatham and Roger Kausch

    András on kendang   Edinda   LAGU   applause            
    Tani Avarthanam   Kotekan extended   Tektekan   Shifting Accents   Roger Kausch        
    2005 at Gut Hub. Penzberg with R.R.Prathap                


    stage set   Kotekan extended   Tektekan   András, Prathap, Sascha   Shifting Accents  


    Sascha on duggis   Shifting Accents                    
    2006 at Schrannenhalle, Munich                


    Kanjira Solo   Sascha on Okedo Daiko   Shifting Accents   Tani Avarthanam with tavil and kendang        
    © 2006 by Sascha Gotowtschikow